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Basic Rules | FAQ

To avoid misunderstandings, please make sure to read the FAQ and the basic rules first. It's easier for both sides this way. If you have any other questions, feel free to write a comment to this entry, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

By buying something from us, you agree to the rules stated in this entry.

Before you buy: ask youself wether or not you really want to purchase the item and can afford it - serious bidders only please! It's understandable that something unexpected can occur and force someone to back out of a deal, but if it happens repeatedly, we won't be inclined to accept offers from you in the future.

In return we guarantee that the goods are actually in our hands and in the promised condition, that means originals only, unless explicitly stated; communication will be kept transparent and everything will be shipped as fast as possible (unless otherwise requested).

Payment: Paypal (non-credit-card) and Banküberweisung (within Germany); gift certificates for Yesasia.com and cdjapan.co.jp are accepted on request, too, depending on the financial situation (rent > luxury).
You can send concealed cash on your own risk, but we strongly advise against it, unless you send it by registered mail (even then... if you have a bank account, setting up a free paypal account is really quick and easy and saves you the risk - for more info check out www.paypal.com).

Trades: At this time we're not open for trades, sorry.

Shipping costs will depend on measurements and weight of the item(s), but we'll try to always find the cheapest possible option. If you have a preferred method of shipping, just let us know, we're open for suggestions.

Everything will be wrapped and packed safely in bubblewrap and/or paper to guarantee it's unharmed arrival. Items that fit into envelopes will be stabilized by using cardboard inlays and bubblewrap as deemed necessary. [Irrelevant extra service: if you express specific interest for it, we will try to get some pretty stamps instead of the generic machine print ones. Please note that we might not be able to do this in rushed times when exams or work are pressing, though.]

Insurance vs. lost items: we don't take responsibility for items that get lost or damaged after we sent them off safely. You can always choose to buy an additional insurance for your purchase, and I'll check back with the postal services for the fee.

Putting items on hold/ cancelling orders/ reimbursement: unless stated otherwise in the description of the article, putting an item on hold is only possible under certain circumstances and for a limited time. Paying a deposit can secure you the item and extend the period that we'll keep the item on hold for.

Please note that once you made your payment, reimbursement is only possible in rare cases and with a good reason, and minus the fee that PayPal charged us with. This does not apply if the sale has to be cancelled from our side, in that case we will of course fully reimburse you! Please make up your mind prior to agreeing on a purchase!

Please let us know if you lost interest in an item after having it put on hold, just a formless comment is enough to spare us the trouble of waiting for nothing, and it is only fair towards the others.

Procedure following the purchase: unless agreed otherwise**, items will be shipped out as soon as payment is received. (**Rare exceptions would be if (a) we know and trust you, or (b) it's a christmas purchase that needs to be sent out fast to arrive in time.) Please note the accepted forms of payment as mentioned above.

On request only we will include a bill/statement with the items' value or a gift note. Please let us know if you want one or the other for your country's customs check.

After receiving the item(s): please let us know when you receive your package! A short comment is enough to let us know that everything went smoothly. Also give us a shout if you didn't receive your item in time, or in bad condition, so we can check back with the postal service and try to find out what has gone wrong (or how to fix it).

Of course we appreciate all feedback, so if you take the time to leave a comment at the feedback post, that'd be great. :)




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