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Items needing a new home

*updated 25.12.07*

List of current items for sale:

Prince of Tennis - Tennis no oujisama Supporter's DVD Vol.4 feat. Fudoumine & St.Rudolph. [Out of stock at online stores!]
Condition: brand new and shrink-wrapped.
Status: open

Tackey & Tsubasa / Hatachi Bag Version [Out of print item!]
Condition: "new", never opened (it's been a while since these came out, so I already got it with signs of it's dusty shelf life. Bag itself and contents are not damaged.)
Status: sold.

Takizawa Enbujo Limited Edition with first press bonus extras [Out of print item!]
Condition: brand new, unopened. Comes with limited packaging and large poster.
Status: sold.

Tackey & Tsubasa / Venus (Korean Special Limited Edition)
Condition: as new, but taken out of the shrink wrap.

Kazuki Katou's Face Album (Limited Edition, CD+DVD)
Condition: brand new, factory sealed.

Manga (German language unless explicitly stated!)
Condition: used, but treated with great care (minimal signs of wear and shelf life, please refer to the photographs). Non-smoker household.
Shipping for all Manga will be 1,45€ (up to 500g) or 2,00€ (500-1000g; Deutsche Post Büchersendung incl. handling & buying of envelopes/cardboard boxes etc.). Alternatively (or with large manga): 3,90€ DHL Päckchen

Vagabond Manga Vol.01
by Inoue Takahito.
Tezuka Cultural Award Winner 2002.
Verlag: Egmont Manga & Anime Adult
4,00€ (NP: 6,50€)

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Blood The Last Vampire Manga, coloured paper sleeve.
by Benkyo Tamaoki.
Verlag: Panini Comics
4,50€ (NP: 7,95€)

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Chirality Manga Vol.01-03
by Satoshi Urushihara
Verlag: Carlsen Comics, recommended for 18yrs.+
All three for 23,50€ (NP 30,00€,10,00€ per piece)

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Oh! My Goddess Manga Vol. 01+02
by Kosuke Fujishima
Verlag: Egmont Manga & Anime
Both for 5,80€ (NP: 4,99€ each)

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"Oh! My Goddess Anime" Manga Vol.01 -full colour-
by Kosuke Fujishima
Verlag: Egmont Manga & Anime
3,80€ (NP: 6,60€)
Binding of last page has losened, the page is still rightly attached, though. Price reflects that.

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Visions of Escaflowne Manga Vol.01
by Katsu Aki
Verlag: Carlsen Comics
4,00€ (NP: 6€)

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Mangas are being sold for my sister, so I can't change much, but if you take more than a couple, I'll likely be able to give you a discount. :)

More items will be coming up step by step as I find time to write descriptions, find out about shipping options etc. :)

Currently in process of adding images etc.

Kamikaze Manga Vol.01-05 (German language)
Condition: used, but treated with great care (minimal signs of wear)

Bleach: Renji figurine (large)
Condition: new, in box. Made in China, probably not an official item!

*edits* So. Since I didn't realize that this item seems to be trespassing the line to "shady" and "illegal" business, I'm taking it off the list (leaving it for the rest of the year to avoid being accused of hiding anything). Apologies for everyone who felt appalled by the offer, I did not mean to try and sell you a bootleg as original, but I thought putting up a bootleg declared as such was acceptable (since it looks good - I have one on my shelf - and my sister, who brought it, doesn't want the extra one and we don't know what to do with it).

Seems it wasn't, and I'm very sorry for that! I still don't know if it's a bootleg, because I don't have another version to confirm what stamps and seals might be required to prove authenticity, but on the box it says "Made in China" as stated above, and it was bought in a small shop in Asia, not in a japanese toy store (which is my main hint for it being inofficial, knowing that part of Asia well enough). I've seen it around on LJ and Ebay several times, never with a violent reaction in tow, alas, I was naive to think it was okay the way I listed it. I won't do it again, my apologies.
I didn't mean to deceive anyone, and I don't think I wrote the original line (now struck through) in any misleading way, but I might have been wrong, so I'm correcting it now.

Time Life CDs - Rock'n'Roll Era misc. ~15pc.
Condition: brand new, no scratches or signs of wear, although most have been taken out of the shrinkwrap to check for damages.

Pucca shoulder bag
Condition: new

"Boys Love"(DVD)

"Making of Boys Love" (DVD)

All items are from a non-smoker household.



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