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Won by: leapinglucas

[Bezahlung in Euro ist natürlich auch kein Problem, Wechselkurs nach aktuellem Paypal-Kurs.]

Tenimyu DVD sale: Supporter's DVD Vol.4

Prince of Tennis DVD:
Tennis no oujisama Supporter's DVD Vol.4 feat. Fudoumine & St.Rudolph.
Japanese title: テニスの王子様 Vol.4

Original Japanese Region 2 DVD, NTSC. No subtitles. (Can be played on DVD players in Asia, Germany, Middle East.)
Brand new, in bubblewrap and still shrinkwrapped as it came from the factory! (NOT a reprint by some inofficial chinese/taiwanese factory!)

This item is out of stock at nippon-export and hard to get outside of Japan, so here's your chance! ^_^

Starring KENN as Yuuta Fuji, Takuma Sugawara as Kippei Tachibana, Ryōsei Konishi as Shinji Ibu, Matsui Yasuyuki as Akira Kamio, Mamoru Miyano as Tetsu Ishida, Shun Takagi as Masaya Sakurai and others.
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How it works: The LJ-auction takes place Ebay-style. You post your bids in the comments or through email, and I'll keep the post updated. Shipping (rates listed above) is not included in the final bid. I'll keep the post updated and will contact the winning bidder through email and/or LJ-comment. Just as on Ebay, bids are binding, so serious bidders only please!

Starting bid: 49,50 € (~US $70)
Auction will end 7 days after the first bid.

Shipping not included in the bid, please contact us if you're unsure how much shipping to your location is. We will always try to find the cheapest possible way to ship the goods. :)

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For any questions and inquiries regarding the object of auction, payment or shipping option, please feel free to contact us at sweet.bitter.chili.face//AT\\googlemail.com or through the comments. </span>

Wenn Sie Fragen zu der Auktion haben sollten und z.B. eine deutsche Übersetzung von Teilen der Artikelbeschreibung wünschen, bitte einfach unter oben angegebener Emailadresse oder per PM kontaktieren, ich versuche, ihre Fragen so schnell wie möglich zu beantworten! :)

If you want your comment(s) screened, just add a note and it'll be done.

Thank you, and happy bidding! ^_^

[SOLD] Miyavi in Bonn

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Am I the only one who's excited? I can't wait for sunday! :D :D :D


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